Plexi Numbers 4"

Plexi Numbers 4"

Product code:itemMatrix-3618

Our plexiglass numbers are made to welcome you home in style. Paired with our City Planters, they work beautifully to combine form and function.

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Our plexiglass numbers are 4" tall and made right here in Los Angeles.

Included with each number is 3M VHB Tape. Basically a miracle, this stuff will keep your address numbers in place. VHB Tapes are high-strength bonding tapes and a proven alternative to screws, rivets, welds and other mechanical fasteners. Unlike screws or rivets which join materials at a single point, high-strength bonding tape permanently adheres one substrate to another while spreading the stress load across the entire length of the joint. Once materials are joined with 3M VHB Tape, a virtually indestructible weld is created. For this reason we do NOT recommend mounting them directly on your wall as they are difficult to remove once placed.

When setting up your numbers, we recommend that you use a level and place them while on a flat surface before hanging your City Planter or whatever surface you are mounting them on.