Succulent Wall - Peace Sign

Succulent Wall - Peace Sign

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Succulent Wall - Peace Sign 19" 1

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Why not give peace a chance? These handmade wooden frames come filled with spaghnum moss but succulents are not included. If you are local, we are able to plant them for you - pricing varies depending on size of planter.

Made in America.

Size: Currently we only have the 19" size for the peace sign but please email the store at if you'd like to inquire about special sizing.

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How to plant a succulent wall planter:

1. Soak the empty planter in water for an hour or two to refresh the moss and make it easier to push in to.

2. Assemble succulent cuttings. Cuttings are better to use as they will push into the moss much easier without roots or dirt.

3. Gently push cuttings straight into moss in a pattern or color way that is pleasing.

4. Allow planter to remain horizontal until the cuttings have rooted...approximately 4-6 weeks.

5. Don't forget to water your planter at least weekly. While succulents don't like to be too wet, they are now growing in moss that dries out pretty quickly.

6. Be prepared for occasional maintenence. You are asking plants to grow in an unnatural environment, so some failure is inevitable. Don't take it personally. Keep a few cuttings around to fill in.