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  1. Obsidian Chime-Lg JadeObsidian Chime-Lg Jade

    Obsidian Chime-Lg Jade


    Made by a husband and wife team in Portland, Oregon, these one-of-a-kind windchimes are a unique and beautiful addition to your garden or home.

    This piece is made with Obsidian, a eucalyptus pod, spiderclaw and a small piece of jade.

    Size: Approximately 4" wide by 9" tall (does not include cord height)

  2. Felt Monstera Leaf TrivetFelt Monstera Leaf Trivet

    Felt Monstera Leaf Trivet


    Every space could always use a little more greenery. Actual Monstera leaves were re-imagined in thick protective felt providing the perfect opportunity to carve out organic display areas while keeping surfaces scratch free.

    Made in the USA and available in three sizes and two colors (Pistachio & Loden Green)

    Sizes: Small - 8" Long, Medium - 11" Long, Large - 14" Long

  3. Bordy Water Reservoir 90mlBordy Water Reservoir 90ml

    Bordy Water Reservoir 90ml


    Bordy Plant Water Reservoir is the utlimate self-watering tool. Perfect for a frequent traveler or to help along any plant that just needs a little extra water.

    Insert into soil of potted plant and fill with water through its mouth. Water is gradually released through clay pointed end. Lasts about 4 days.

    Colors: Purple, Orange, Green & Clear

  4. Crystal Clear Urbz Window Mount

    Crystal Clear Urbz Window Mount


    Urbz is a beautifully designed plant pod for growing herbs, succulents or any houseplant directly on windows using natural sunlight. Free your counter space and create an "herban" view on any window in your home or office.

    Made of BPA-free shatter-resistent plastic. Proprietary window attachment holds up to 15 lbs. Planter has its own drainage.

  5. Five Ply Urban Modern BirdhouseFive Ply Urban Modern Birdhouse

    Five Ply Urban Modern Birdhouse


    Inspired by the Case Study Program from the 1950's, these BirdHomes are designed for the discerning little brown birds in your neighborhood. Constructed by hand using four layers of hardwood veneer, the Poplar facades are painted in retro colors for today's modern bird and each has an untreated, solid cedar roof. Includes an aluminum back door for easy cleaning out after each season.

    Mount on a wall or hang with attached cable. All materials are sourced from the US and built in Seattle.

    Colors: Green, Blue, Orange & Red - All with Walnut accent

  6. Saguaro Cactus Iron Wall Hook

    Saguaro Cactus Iron Wall Hook


    Looking for the perfect gift for your cactus loving friend? Look no further! These iron Cactus Hooks are too adorable for words.

    Size: 7" tall and 3.5" wide

  7. Brass Plant MisterBrass Plant Mister

    Brass Plant Mister


    So many indoor plants enjoy a good misting. These brass misters are not only a plant-voted favorite but also a beautiful object.

    Size: 6"Tall (top of pump) x 3.25"Wide

    Price is for one mister.

  8. "Come At Evening" - Sign"Come At Evening" - Sign

    "Come At Evening" - Sign


    A wonderful and inviting sentiment to place on your gate or outside wall.  Would be just as lovely inside your home.

    Color: Distressed Galvanized Metal 

    Size: 20"w x 22"l

  9. Moksha Aura Beads w/BellMoksha Aura Beads w/Bell

    Moksha Aura Beads w/Bell


    Colorful and fun, these garlands are made of recycled glass with a small copper bell that tinkles softly in the breeze. Bead coloration will vary as they are handmade in India.

    Size: 21" Long

    (Note: Price is for ONE garland)

  10. Bamboo Fountain - Adjustable (Branch Arms)

    Bamboo Fountain - Adjustable (Branch Arms)


    Perhaps the most compelling attraction of a bamboo fountain kit is the serenity and tranquility of the water flowing gently out of the bamboo. All you need to add is your favorite container (not included) and you have an instant fountain.

    Adjustible feature allows spout to be raised or lowered as needed to adjust for sound or size.

    Sizes: 7 inch, 12 inch and 18 inch

    (see below for additional product info)




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