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Potted In The Time of Covid-19

Covid 19, Team POTTED, And Our Community...

As we all face this challenge together, POTTED has been weighing keeping our doors open and keeping our staff on payroll along with “flattening the curve” of this virus. With this in mind, here is our current plan but due to the fluid nature of the times this might change.

  • Starting March 17th thru March 31st, our business hours will be 10AM to 4PM.
  • We use disinfecting wipes to clean the credit card pad, counters and door handles many time throughout the day.
  • We have hand sanitizer at the front counter for our customers to use.
  • Of course, we are mindful of keeping a 6ft. distance from our customers and each other.
  • No Team POTTED members are coming to work if they have any signs of being sick.
  • We are happy to accommodate your POTTED needs via phone call or online. Curbside pick up available.

We can’t begin to express our deep gratitude to our community for supporting us and helping us keep our doors safe and open as long as we can do so.

Many Thanks, Mary, Annette, Thommy, Cristina, Carlos, Lindy, Eli, and Daniel