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Annette's Home on Curbed Los Angeles

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Annette's Home on Curbed Los Angeles

We had the honor today of having Annette's home featured on the Curbed LA's series House Calls. Enjoy a look through her home and maybe get a few houseplant ideas for yours. All photography by Elizabeth Daniels. Feature story by Bianca Barragan.

Coming up from the driveway onto the covered front porch you see the mix of vintage furniture and new Fermob furniture. The outdoor rugs really pull the spaces together.

This room is to the left of the front door as you come in and is just a sunny seating area. The minuture Fiddle Leaf Fig really loves the bright light as do all the plants.

The piano provides yet another area to show off houseplants. The Zamioculcas plant on the left does really well in this low light area, but no air plant would be happy here. This one is artificial. There is no shame in that :-)

Amos looks on in his living room where the couch provides him hours of daily relaxing. Again, this room has pretty low light and the Sanseveria on the fire place does quite well in this environment.

The dining room. This 9' table was once a conference room table at The American Film Institute where Annette attended in another life.

Annette's office. The hanging philodendron frames the window beautifully while the air plants seem to move around every time they get watered.

Going from the office to the kitchen. The window sil over the sink provides yet another home for a myriad of air plants.

The kitchen leads out to the outdoor living room.

The view from the kitchen with the doors wide open.

Looking from the pool back to the house. The outdoor shower on the left was a project Annette did several years ago and where the family showers all summer long.

Going upstairs where there are more plants.

From the top looking down.

Amos enjoying the bed as well as the couch downstairs. The doorway was once a window and the porch was added about four years ago.

More of Annette's plant addiction. This stag horn fern is one that can handle more sunlight than most to deal with the afternoon sun.

If the day weren't so overcast, you would see on the horizon the Hollywood Sign. A lot of time is spent on this porch.