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Fermob Care & Maintenance

Recommended Care and Maintenance for Fermob Furniture:

Maintenance is key to the longevity of your furniture. Clean metal surfaces when debris builds up. Bird droppings, sap, leaves (organic substances) and other potentially corrosive substances should be cleaned as soon as noticed. To prevent scratches and water retention, we recommend that you do not place decorative objects or flowerpots on tables.

To clean, use a gentle, naturally based all-purpose cleaner (or a mild dish soap) and a smooth cloth or sponge. Gently dust beforehand to avoid scratches due to existing rough particles. You can also occasionally use a bit of pure mineral oil to give your Fermob a clear coat that will both brighten and provide a gentle seal of protection.

Many Fermob designs are constructed of Steel. Treat these pieces like you would a car. Steel will rust once the outer paint layers are compromised or scratched through. If this occurs you may order a paint pen (to fill nicks and scratches), or a spray can (to cover larger areas). Keep in mind that by the nature of the material, steel rusts. The timing will depend on the care and environment (humid or salty air speeds up this process). If corrosion is a concern, please consider one of the aluminum lines such as Luxembourg and Sixties.

Never leave your Fermob under a cover or non-breathing material such as a plastic tarp. This will promote the deterioration of the finish. Fermob is happiest out in the open or stored away in a dry location with good air circulation.

Damages can begin at the base/feet. If you notice rubber feet missing from your tables or chairs, you may purchase replacements.

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