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Fermob Bidding Adieu to Three Colors in 2020

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Fermob Bidding Adieu to Three Colors in 2020

It's a sad time when we find out what colors Fermob will be discontinuing for the following year. For 2020 the colors they are bidding adieu to are Carrot, Aubergine and Plum. 

What does Fermob have against purple, you might ask? Nothing, I'm sure, but with 24 colors something has to go and the colors that don't do as well tend to go to the color-chip heaven in the sky.

But why carrot? We will be lamenting that question for years to come. Orange is one of Potted's signature colors and Fermob's orange was really awesome.

Oh well. The only constant is change, right?

FYI, if you need to add to your current collections or have just said, "WTF? I always planned on a Fermob Carrot dining table," then I suggest you order it now. Last color runs will be done at the end of October and after that they're finished.

Fermob Sixties set shown in a home in the

Fermob Luxembourg low chairs in Aubergine.

 Stay tuned for the 2020 new colors - Pastel Power!