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Contemporary Garden and Landscaping Ideas

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Contemporary Garden and Landscaping Ideas

When choosing a garden or landscape design style, you need to consider the style of your home. If your house was built or decorated with a contemporary style, you need contemporary landscaping to match. Contemporary design is known for its focus on a natural, simple look, making it ideal for gardens and landscapes. Ready to turn your yard into a contemporary paradise? Here are some tips and ideas to help.

Combine Neutral Tones With Pops of Color

For contemporary gardens and landscaping, you want most of your color palette to be neutral with a few bursts of bright color. Luckily, plants and flowers make this easy to do. The majority of your greenery should be trees, grasses and shrubs with shades of green and brown. To pull in that pop of color, add vibrant flowers and plants. Some great options for this are red-hot pokers, lilyturf and alliums.

Bring in Contrasting Textures, Color and Curves

To put together a contemporary garden, you need to add different textures, colors and line shapes. Unlike modern design, contemporary doesn’t shy away from curves. But it’s a bit harder to bring these features in with natural components. This creates a great opportunity to add some garden art. The texture of materials like metal, ceramic and stone will contrast nicely with natural woods and leaves. Sculptures and statues also tend to offer more color options than you’ll find in nature. They make it easy to add vibrant hues like teal and bright orange.

Add Furniture With Clean Lines

Like modern design, the contemporary style is big on clean lines. When adding outdoor furniture to your garden, keep an eye out for designs that have smooth surfaces and natural materials. Here is where wood tones, glass, metal, cotton and wool can make an impression. As mentioned before, contrasting textures are important, and your furniture can lend a hand toward this. Try adding metal tables with glass tops, wood chairs with linen upholstery and a few colorful throw pillows or rugs to your outdoor seating or dining setup.

Keep Areas Well-Defined

Contemporary design has a “less is more” mindset, so you don’t want to overcrowd your garden or yard. A simple way to prevent adding too much is by making sure different areas of your landscaping are well-defined. For example, a child’s playset should be solitary and at least a few feet away from any trees and shrubs.

You can get creative with gathering spots in your garden or yard. A fire pit provides the perfect focal point for friendly get-togethers and family nights spent outdoors. To keep the area defined, place the firepit and any outdoor furniture on a patch of gravel, cement or stone. You should surround this area with a different material — such as grass, sand or wood chips — for visual contrast and definition.

Contemporary Landscaping and Garden Decor

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