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How To Enjoy the Holidays Without a Tree

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How To Enjoy the Holidays Without a Tree

Enjoy this guest post from our own store stylist Keith Girard and get some holiday decorating inspiration to style your home for the holidays.

"The holiday season is well underway and as per usual, I’m procrastinating on the gift shopping aspect this time of year brings.  All the gift-giving anxieties surface and remain until I find myself scrambling for trinkets sometime around December 21st. However, there is one part of this season I almost always start early; and that is my favorite part: decorating!

"Twenty-seventeen has been a challenging year personally, and let’s be honest, challenging for the country and the world at large, but what better way to lift the spirits than with a festive bough of holly, or a sparkly garland or some sentimental ornaments from your childhood (or ALL of the above!). My answer for everything is usually more is more. But this year I am attempting a little restraint and austerity with my seasonal décor.

"Normally I get a real, formerly-living Christmas tree. This year, I decided to forgo the tradition and simplify (and budget as wisely as one of the three wise men). At first it felt like a self inflicted bummer; I was a little saddened to not have a use for my many, many tree ornaments collected from childhood up through last year. Inspiration struck when I pulled out the old, faux spruce garland I’ve had for about a decade. Why not decorate that with my cherished ornaments? 

"Lights! Can’t forget the string lights! Again, having no tree, I was left with seven boxes of lights at the ready with no place to go. At first I strung them up crisscrossing the ceiling of my living room, but it felt like I was living in a circus tent or a low-budget Las Vegas. I spend a lot of time staring out my picture window with a stunning view of the San Fernando Mountains, so I strung three sets together and framed the window with a little shine and twinkle. It feels minimalist yet warm and inviting.

"Vowing to only use or craft from what I already have, I made a non-traditional wreath inspired by Potted’s workshop from last year. Using branches, found items, dried foliage, paint, and baubles and beads from my craft boxes, I fashioned a sort of pagan wreath full of holiday cheer (and it looks great the rest of the year, too!)

"Ok, Ok…I did allow myself one splurge, a shimmery, glittery LED chandelier from Potted. This light is as beautiful off in the daylight as it is on in the evening!

"Warmest wishes from me to you for holidays that are filled with family, friends and a few seasonal craft projects of your own!"

Formerly a women's shoe designer, Keith has switched career paths and is now our store stylist and home and garden design enthusiast. And if you've been in the store any time in the last year you've certainly noticed the difference he's made to our look. And no, that's not Keith staring out his's the adorable Rio waiting for the mailman. Happy Holidays!

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